Traditional Vacuum and Pressure Filtration Systems for Laboratory Applications

BMT Company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory filtration equipment in Russia. BMT was founded in 2005 to develop filtration sets for municipal, surface, ground and drinking water analysis. Nowadays we can offer a wide range of vacuum and pressure filtration holders, multi-branch manifolds, funnels, vacuum pumps. BMT products are available either as a complete system or as a stand-alone filter holder made of high grade stainless steel. Our companys philosophy is primary quality for the customer. The quality management system of BMT has been certified by the ISO 9001 to guarantee the highest international quality standards. Call us now, we are ready to advise: +7 4922 522343.

Complete Filtration Systems

We have combined our filter holders and manifolds into complete sets for your convenience. They are suitable for 47, 50, 110 and 142 mm filters and are used for vacuum or pressure filtration. A complete vacuum set includes vacuum filter holder or manifold, receiver flask, oil free vacuum pump and vacuum tubing. A complete pressure set includes pressure filter holder, compressor and pressure tubing.

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Filter Holders

We offer individual vacuum and pressure filter holders and manifolds. They are made of stainless steel, polypropylene or glass and are suitable for 47, 50, 110 and 142 mm paper filters and microporous membranes for various simple laboratory filtrations.

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Accessories for Vacuum Filtration Systems

Our vacuum pumps, resistant flasks, silicone stoppers, vacuum tubing and water traps are the necessary components to support your filtration applications.

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