Accessories for Vacuum Filtration Systems

Suction Flask and stoppers

Vacuum-resistant flask are available with 0,5, 1 and 2,5 l capacity. Outer diameter of glass hose nipple is 6 mm. The flask can be supplied with bored silicone stopper and stainless steel tube for vacuum hose connection.


  • silicon stopper: onto the suction flask 0,5 l – d1 34 x d2 32 x h 35 mm; onto the suction flask 1 l – d1 43 x d2 36 x h 45 mm; onto the suction flask 2,5 l – d1 54 x d2 46 x h 50 mm;
  • stainless steel tube: outer diameter 10 mm

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Water trap FVG-022

Water trap is used between suction flask and vacuum pump to prevent overflow of filtrate into the pump. It is a ready-to-connect filtration unit, including PP housing Ø 65 mm and hydrophobic PTFE membrane with pore size 0,22 mm.


Silicone vacuum hose

Silicon vacuum hose 6 mm inner diameter and 2,5 mm wall thickness is used for connecting the vacuum system components: filter holder, vacuum pump, suction flask.

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